A Formal Hello

Hello fans of Bear Hug Productions! My name is Alex and you may have heard me on the podcast. I only have two episodes under my belt at the time of writing this, of which only one is currently available, but I’m very eager to help make this site as awesome as it can be.

I have taken over promotion for the site and its content, as well as helping post content and podcasts. What that means for you, dear readers, is that you will now hear from me a lot more than once a week on the podcast. I will be posting here, the facebook page, and the twitter page to bring you news, announcements, ect. but I will also be very involved in the community and I want everyone who follows what we are doing to know that I’m extremely approachable and I welcome all questions, comments, and thoughts on just about anything.

If the desire to get in touch with me about anything, email me at [email protected]bearhugproductions.com

I really want to get to know the community, so please feel free to email me anytime.



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