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Parental Controlled – Episode 2 – Project Gotham Racing 3 Feat. Flower Girl and Mommy

On Episode 2 “Flower Girl” and “Mommy’s Love” play some Project Gotham Racing 3 for the Xbox 360. After a slow start… Mommy’s Love was able to leave the finish line but didn’t amount to much. We won’t mention how … Continue reading

Parental Controlled – Episode 1 – BattleBlock Theater Feat. Richie and Daddy

Join the Bear Hug Productions team in welcoming a new series to our channel. Parental Controlled is a new idea I had where my kids will pick a game and a parent each week and we record it. It’s a … Continue reading

Bottoms Up! | Episode 2

Thanks for bearing through that first episode. We’re still trying to get our legs under us so quality will improve over time. This time Maggie joins Alex and Becky to try some beer! Beers reviewed: Shiner Oktoberfest Thomas Creek River … Continue reading

Bottoms Up! | Episode 1

  It’s a new show! Being craft beer fans, Becky and Alex decided to make a series where they review craft beer. In this show there will be beers of all types tasted and reviewed by themselves and often times … Continue reading