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Bottoms Up! | Episode 2

Thanks for bearing through that first episode. We’re still trying to get our legs under us so quality will improve over time. This time Maggie joins Alex and Becky to try some beer! Beers reviewed: Shiner Oktoberfest Thomas Creek River … Continue reading

Bottoms Up! | Episode 1

  It’s a new show! Being craft beer fans, Becky and Alex decided to make a series where they review craft beer. In this show there will be beers of all types tasted and reviewed by themselves and often times … Continue reading

Podcast Number 63 – 2015 Will Be a Great Year

The gang discusses some video games and stuff. Go listen!

Podcast Number 62 – Games, Games, Games.

Rich, Robert and Alex are back to talk about some games n’ stuff here.

New Meme! This is so true.

Podcast Number 61 – A normal day in podcast land.

Robert and Alex recorded alone this week here.

Podcast Number 60 – Yes folks and actual podcast OMG!!

So like year we’re back or front? I dunno… So yes we recorded, my kids yelled and the douchebag of the week hits really close to (my) home. Check it out HERE!!

BHP Plays Grand Theft Auto 4 Pt. 2

Watch Rich and Alex cause some more trouble in GTA4!

BHP Plays Minecraft Pt. 5 – Hot Foot

Lots and lots of death screens.

BHP Plays Minecraft Pt. 4 – Robert’s House Modifications

So Robert thought it’d be funny to make some additions to our houses.

Microsoft is buying Minecraft

All the founders are leaving. Here’s our opinion on the whole deal:  

Rich Plays Hearthstone – First Impressions

Rich plays a little Hearthstone. Is he a secret master card player? Or does he get rofl-stomped by the AI? Find out!

BHP Plays Minecraft Pt. 3 – Building Our Houses

We make ourselves some homes in our permanent server!

Alex Plays Destiny Beta Part 5

Alex joins the public beta test of Destiny and get’s a little playtime in. Let’s watch.

Alex Plays Destiny Beta Part 4

Alex joins the public beta test of Destiny and get’s a little playtime in. Let’s watch.

Alex Plays Destiny Beta Part 3

Alex joins the public beta test of Destiny and get’s a little playtime in. Let’s watch.

Podcast Number 59 – Free games, Russians, and Florida douchebags reign free!!!

Bear Hug Productions tells you about some free games and Florida reclaims its throne as top douchebag state HERE!!

Alex Plays Destiny Beta Part 2

Alex joins the public beta test of Destiny and get’s a little playtime in. Let’s watch.

Where are the freakin’ podcasts?!

Hello all, I’m just chiming in to let everyone know that the podcast for this week IS happening, it’s just being delayed a bit. Our regular recording night didn’t work out quite right and neither did the second one but … Continue reading

Alex Plays Destiny Beta Part 1

Alex joins the public beta test of Destiny and get’s a little playtime in. Let’s watch.

BHP Plays Left 4 Dead 2 Pt.1

Watch as we try to survive the zombie horde!

BHP Plays Grand Theft Auto 4 Pt.1

Join us for some general fuckery in Liberty City!

Podcast Number 58 – Minecraft Steve is an asshole, and amazing parkour

Alex is back this week and we talk about some cool stuff listen HERE!!

Podcast Number 57 – Alex is MIA and we’re worried! We talk about vaginas!

Check us out here Robert and I shoot the shit, and talk about vaginas HERE!!

Podcast Number 56 – RTX and of course some douchebags

So yeah RTX was a lot of fun Alex and Robert were jealous… Check out what we talk about here.

Podcast Number 55 – We talk about stuff, and Rich is in Austin!

This week we talk about Breaking Bad, Metal Gear Solid, living in Austin, and other stuff. Check out this weeks episode here.

Podcast Number 54 – They’re Not Gonna Have a Female Good Person

This week we talk about new videos, the long awaited Steam Summer Sale, WATCH_DOGS, Assassin’s Creed, and more on podcast 54!

Podcast Number 53

Like cool guys, video games, E3, and sex changes? You’ll love Podcast Number 53 this week. We talk about some stuff then we talk about some more stuff. Go ahead check it out what do you have to lose?

Podcast Number 52 One Year Special!!!

This week is our 1 year anniversary of our first podcast. We have an extra special quest for this episode Xim Voodoo joins us. Specializing in machinima and 3D animation she brings hilarity and education for the guys at BHP. … Continue reading

PodCast Number 51 YAY!!

This week Rich and Robert have some fun and Alex gets lost?? Seriously that boy disappeared so Robert leaves him a pleasant voice mail. Check it out here You know you want to.

PodCast Number 50

Come join the fun at the Bear Hug ProdPod!

BHP Plays Portal 2

This week Rich and his wife Shannon play Portal 2. Shannon controls the mouse while Rich controls the keyboard. Check it out now!!

BHP Plays Payday Pt. 2

Rich, Robert and Alex continue the mayhem in Payday with Part 2 of our adventures!!

PodCast Number 49

Stuff happens in this week’s episode of the BHP Podcast! 

BHP Plays Diablo III Pt. 1

Watch Rich and Robert play through some Diablo III. Just having fun capturing while attempting to be funny…

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BHP Plays Payday Pt. 1

First part of Bear Hug’s get-rich-quick scheme as we decide to rob a bank. Watch the mayhem ensue in this week’s video.

BHP Plays Minecraft Pt. 2

Final part of our epic Minecraft series. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll go “what the fuck?”. Watch.

BHP Plays Resident Evil 5 Pt.1

Robert didn’t show up to recording night so Rich and Alex decided to try their hand at an older game: Resident Evil 5.

PodCast Number 42

Join Rich, Alex, and Robert as we make up for the slow news week by just shooting the shit in Podcast Number 42

PodCast Number 41

The Three Stooges return! Podcast Number 41

BHP Plays Minecraft Hardcore Part 1

Make sure to watch the latest video from Bear Hug Productions. Rich and Alex try to survive the night on Hardcore difficulty and some interesting things happen.

PodCast Number 40

First podcast of the new year where we talk about news coming out of CES. Tune in, it will please your ears. Podcast 40

PodCast Number 39

End of the Year episode where we discuss our plans for Bear Hug Productions in 2014! Listen to Podcast 39

PodCast Number 38

This week Alex and Rich bring you Walking Dead finale talk on Podcast 38

PodCast Number 37

Better late than never! PodCast 37 is here PodCast Number 37.

PodCast Number 36

This week Rich and Alex bring you PodCast Number 36

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Podcast 34 and 35 posted YAY!! Enjoy with your earholes!

That’s right folks we had some technical difficulties and those have been cleared up. You may now enjoy podcasts number 34 and 35. We even have a special guest on number 35 so make sure you listen and check out … Continue reading

A Formal Hello

Hello fans of Bear Hug Productions! My name is Alex and you may have heard me on the podcast. I only have two episodes under my belt at the time of writing this, of which only one is currently available, … Continue reading

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New PodCast member! PodCast number 29 live now!

Bear Hug Productions PodCasts

PodCast Number 23!!

So we had some scheduling conflicts but now we are BACK! PodCast number 23 comes to you fresh this week. Check it out below!! PodCast Number 23

Want to be a hitman?? Well now you can!!! for FREEEEEE!

So Sony has released the August preview for PlayStation Plus members. Great news for Hitman fans now Hitman:Absolution will be free. See details below I know I cannot wait for this. PlayStation Plus August Preview!!!


So Kotaku posted an interesting article today. People are paying money for an emoticon on Steam. Now I don’t know about you but I certainly would rather spend that kind of money on games… Just goes to show you that … Continue reading

New Podcast and new server

I finally was able to move over the site and database onto new web server. Things should run smoother now so go ahead give it a test drive with Podcast number 18. Robert and I talk PS4 reveal stuff from … Continue reading

More Podcasts!!

So I have been working hard to release more podcasts and it has paid off. Two more are done with the third really close. Go ahead and check them out on our Podcast page.


It’s official the FIRST EVER Bear Hug Productions Podcast is now live click on the podcast tab above to give it a listen.

Podcast whaaaaaat?

Yes truth is we are working on some content in form of a Podcast which will be released soon.

Want to play a game? Bear Hug now has an EQ Emulator server.

You’ve heard it here first Bear Hug Productions now has a public EverQuest emulator server. If you are unfamiliar what an EQ emulation server is check it out here. I just threw this together to play around with it and … Continue reading

WOW crazy crazy time

So sorry about the long delay to say the least I had a 30 day hiatus. So I am back in action and just about done editing the first piece of video.  Stay tuned the gears are turning!!

We have a logo!

Ok so we never had one to begin with but doesn’t matter we have one now!! Thank you to our graphic designer/web guru Tj!! Great work now to get some content flowing. Should have some trailers/stuff up this week. Please … Continue reading


Welcome to Bear Hug Productions a new entertainment company!! We have been working hard on our first pieces of content so stay tuned we have some really cool things coming.